How Much Should I Give for a Wedding Gift

Bruce Gleason
Bruce Gleason is the author of our Financial Wednesday Series

When it comes to giving cash for a wedding gift there is always a question of how much is enough. Buying off the registry is easy because you can look at an item and realize that it is in your price range and purchase that item. Easy enough. However, when it comes to giving cash we worry that we will give them too much and break our bank or not give enough and look cheap. The easiest rule of thumb is when it comes to cash for a wedding gift you give what you feel comfortable with and that is appropriate for the relationship. Using the relationship measurement you can easily define the amount of money that is appropriate for the gift. gives some simple advice,  there is no limitation to the monetary gift just let your affection for the happy couple and your budget be your guide. However, if you require a guide just use this as a rule of thumb. If the bride or groom is a co worker or a distant friend or family member spend at least $50 to $75 for a gift. A relative or friend should be $75 to $100 and if the bride or groom is a close friend or family member consider giving $100 to $150 or more. Whatever advice you choose your gift will be greatly appreciated and go a long way to helping the bride and groom in their new life.



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