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Christmas Wedding

  Holiday Wedding by elizabeth-gleason featuring christmas home decor Lace wedding dress / Konplott wedding ring, $33 / Konplott wedding earrings, $33 / Holiday Lane holiday decoration / Christmas home decor / Christmas home decor / OKA floral decor, $50 A wedding at Christmas can be very difficult to plan due to the amount of […]

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The White’s

The romance of E. B. White and his future wife Katherine White was by all measures a great love. The romance was formed as the two worked alongside each other in the hallowed halls of the New Yorker magazine. She a fiction editor and he a constant contributor. At the time, Katherine was in a […]

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Fall into Orange

Fall into Orange by elizabeth-gleason featuring orange home decor Red wedding dress / Lace wedding dress / Allurez citrine ring / Orange home decor Orange is the color of a Fall leaf cascading gently from an oak tree. It is the color of plump pumpkins ready to harvest and the moon that shines brightly in […]

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A Powder Blue Wedding

{3D Wall Butterflies: Powder Blue Metallic Butterfly Silhouettes for… } {powder blue and white wedding} {vintage estate (styled shoot)} {powder blue and white wedding} {Wedding Colors Powder Blue and Nude Martha Stewart Weddings} {Wedding Colors Powder Blue and Nude Martha Stewart Weddings} Imagine the great expanse of the sky above you dusted with wispy clouds, as […]

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12 Tips for your Wedding Invitations

Our friends from Odd Lot Weddings share the Dos and Don’ts for your wedding invitations 1. Define your wedding style.  Your invite will showcase to everyone the overall theme and formality of your wedding. Browse photos, create a pin board and get together an inspiration board so you can gather all your ideas in 1 […]

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