Four Examples of Companies Achieving Success in Social Marketing in the B2B Platform

A recent survey that was conducted showed that a majority of the companies in the United Kingdom had embraced social media as a marketing tool. The main reasons as to why they are using the social platform is to create brand awareness, acquiring trust and followers and encouraging social sharing.

Social media has continuously proved to be a useful tool in sales and marketing medium for consultancy. However social media only counts as a fraction of the traffic and leads for united states B2B sites.

In total social media only counts to up to 1.9% of traffic as compared to organic search which has traffic up to 41%. Below are some of the B2B companies that have achieved success in social marketing.

1. Cisco

Online videos continue to grow and gain popularity. YouTube is also increasing and is becoming a potential channel for social marketing. Network provider Cisco might not be the ideal candidate for attracting a considerable number of followers on YouTube. Nevertheless, its channel has more than 33,000 subscribers and is almost reaching 5m video views.

The success of Cisco can be attributed to the awesome content that it uploads, and the various videos that are posted online every day.

Content uploaded by Cisco includes product demos, Ads and presentation for events. Cisco is a useful resource for clients as well as a sales tool which makes it possible to attract new customers.

Cisco also has other social media channels like Facebook and a blog which are used for promoting its thought in articles related to leadership. The blog is used to educate people and corporate audiences on some issues, SEO visibility and driving buzz.

2. American Express

A couple of years ago American express launched Open Forum. Open Forum is a website that strives to give information to people who own small businesses.

The site is always updated with brand new content including videos and blog posts. An essential feature in the American Express is probably the Idea Hub. The idea hub is a platform which allows sharing ideas and network with each other and other industry experts.

Open forum rapidly grew after being launched. The visitors who visited the forum increased from 160,000 in December 2008 to 1000, OOO IN December 2009. As of now it has more than 18, 000 members and attracts visitors of up to 1m each month. The most popular topic which is talked about is social media.

3. Kinaxis

Kinaxis is a supply and management company. Kinaxis launched a campaign on online social video with the primary aim of doubling web traffic numbers and leads.

To achieve the desired results, it came up with a series called Suitemates. Suitemates is a comedy series involving two businesspeople that were sent to jail following a shady corporate merger.

The star actors in the series include Ray Wise and Kevin Pollack. Suitemates series has its which featured all the episodes and a competition to win an iPad.

4. Tippex

Tippex has characteristics of being a B2B and B2c company. To create an interactive campaign Tippex used a branded YouTube channel, and this gave viewers a platform for rewriting the story onscreen. The company uses humour in its videos to gain exposure in online ad campaigns.

The company produced a video called Hunter shoots a bear. In less than a 100 days the video had been viewed more than 35 million times in just five minutes.


The success of these companies is because they know their target markets. They think outside the box, and they use various strategies to make sure that they stay on top of the business.

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Start Your Online Store with Minimal to No Capital

Online marketing has brought a whole new spectrum of ideas on how you can start a business with very little capital. This is revolutionary because lack of money happens to be one of the biggest impediments towards implementing business ideas.

If you are told you that you could start a business today on your laptop or desktop provided you have an internet connection, you probably would not believe it. But technically they would be telling you the truth. The technologies available to us today allow for such a feat to be possible.

Here’s how drop shipping enables you to start a business with little to no capital

You probably have come across the term drop shipping; this term is associated with online stores and shipping. Drop shipping is what makes it possible for an entrepreneur to start an online store and not have to maintain a large inventory of products or be concerned about customer deliveries. You do not need to have a physical inventory at all or be a manufacturer.

This is made possible by working with a company that specializes in drop shipping, usually a wholesaler or a manufacturer.

How it works:

  • You would need to have a credible website or online store on a platform such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay or Etsy
  • The next part involves listing your products on your online store
  • When a customer buys from your online platform, you then buy the product from the drop shipper usually a wholesaler or manufacture at a lower price, and they would be responsible for the shipping to the customers’ address. You keep the difference between the selling price to your customer and the cost price from your drop shipper.

The advantages of drop shipping to small business owners are not having to maintain a physical inventory, which means lower overhead charges as renting a warehouse is not necessary. It also means you require very little capital since you do not have to purchase inventory up front.

The downside to this model, however, is should the shipping be delayed you take the blame. Your profit margins also tend to be smaller. But if you are starting with no capital at all, this is a great option.


Drop shipping is a marvel of online business because it helps parent brands sell more and empowers small business owners to get in on the act by selling from drop shippers. The result is the store makes a profit without the need of pouring capital into inventory.


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