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How to Beat Competition in the Wedding Industry

We all know how weddings are famous and their significance in our society. Today, the wedding industry is one of the most lucrative businesses around. That is because weddings are evolving, and depending on whose marriage, certain expectations need to be met. Fortunately, wedding planning is the kind of job that you can do without having to quit your current job. That’s because you will not be planning weddings all the time, but this entirely depends on how established your wedding planning gets. What makes wedding planning a suitable job for anyone is that you can get professional training online. These courses are tailored for people with no background in wedding planning, making them favorable for anybody interested. To make it better, you can even be awarded a professional certificate for your practice. However, as a new wedding planner in the industry, you will need to consider the following

§  Good skills

There is nothing as important as skills when it comes to planning weddings. To acquire these skills, you need to be on the ground taking part in a wedding planning process. If not, you need to be looking for weddings where your job will be looking for crucial details that make a wedding unique. Although you will be able to learn the fundamentals of planning weddings online, all that knowledge will not apply if you don’t know how to use it. There is a reason why a course like wedding planning is available in some institution. Other ways of equipping yourself properly for wedding planning is spending much time researching. This is beneficial because the internet is one place where all the trending things on weddings go to first. Another way of researching is consulting more established wedding planners. Learn much about the market from someone who has been there before.

§  Create a professional website

If you want to survive in the current wedding industry, then it is a must that you have an excellent online presence. From statistics, most people looking for wedding planners to begin their search online. After finding a website and conduction more background research online is when they decide which planner to work with. The good news is, starting a website is not as hard as it was when codding was the only way. Platforms like Shopify, for example, allows you to build your website even if you don’t have any web design skills. That is because it comes with pre-designed website themes that are fully customizable. Meaning that for you to get the website you prefer, you only need to play around with colors and the existing designs.

On top of owning a website, you will want to ensure that you know how to work with one. Therefore, you may want to consider learning about online marketing if you can get the opportunity. If not, get someone who understands the fundamentals of digital marketing. As mentioned, many people looking for wedding planners begin their search online on search engines. You will, therefore, want to make your service more accessible on search engines. To do so, you must understand search engine optimization alongside other online marketing strategies.

§  Try not to work alone

If you have been observant, you will notice that most wedding planners have a team with them for efficiency. Additionally, with a group, you have more chances of getting a better idea because as you know it, two heads are better than one. Another benefit of working with a team is that you will be able to cover more work in a short time. During the planning process, the hardest job is usually to scout for locations and other requirements. Because it involves a lot of movements and appointments, availing yourself for all these meets can be impossible, especially if you are planning a big wedding. With a dedicated team, however, you can get around faster. Also, your organization needs to consist of people who can contribute useful skills to your company. You, therefore, need to pick people with skills in areas like online marketing, graphic designs, and even web design.

§  Mind your rates

The cost of your services determines a lot when it comes to getting clients. New wedding planners often charge averagely low because they want to attract more business. As for established companies, the rates are quite high. The best thing about planning a wedding, however, is that you can set your prices according to the client you are dealing with. The proposed budget should give you a hint of whether you are dealing with a rich person or not. Some wedding planners even put their prices on their websites to avoid having to negotiate with a client. This is a move that is workable for either new or established wedding planning companies. Many modern wedding planners find it challenging to set prices, and this happens to any new service provider before they can settle on a value.

To solve your problem, you will want to speak to wedding planning company consultants or approach one for small talk. The best thing is, the internet has made it easy to get in touch with these professionals and receive help instantly.

Wedding Industry


Making it in the wedding industry is only possible if you know the right path to follow. Many people are unable to pursue this profession because they are in a rush to make money out of it. Any professional wedding planner can tell you that it takes time before the revenue becomes solid enough to sustain you and the company. It is also good to keep in mind that people looking for wedding planners are more interested in your experience and previous works. This factor will at first make it hard for you to score a planning deal, but it is not an excuse to quit on a job you have always dreamt of. As a newbie, you need to boost your chances of getting contracted by doing things like getting licensed by the authorities. You can also get a cover for your company because such documentation makes it easier for a client to trust you.

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