How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner

How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner and How to Maintain a Steady Flow of Work

Being a wedding planner is one thing, but how to make money as a wedding planner is another thing. That is why you will find that some wedding companies will be generating more revenue than others of the same age. The truth is if you want to benefit from planning weddings properly, you should know how to survive in this industry. Keep in mind that if there is one thing that people who want to wed want is to be confident that they can trust you with their money. That means, there are many things that you will want to put in place as a newbie and they include;

Proper online marketing

To be able to find clients in the first place, you need to know how to find them. From reports, it was disclosed that a higher number of wedding planners have gotten planning jobs after being sought on search engines. Therefore, a good wedding company should have great SEO. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy whereby your web content t is written revolving around specific keywords. The keywords are considered to be the most common words used by people seeking wedding planning services, for example, ‘the best wedding planner around.’ There are numerous tools that you can use for SEO, including a keyword research tool.

Other than SEO, you should not forget the different components of online marketing like social media and email. Realize that your main aim is to reach out for any possible client wherever they may be online. Also take note that not everybody like spending time on social media hence for your advert to reach them, you need to devise other possible ways. So many wedding planners are struggling with online marketing, and others are not doing an outstanding job. What they lack to acknowledge is that they require professional marketing services that only an expert can offer. That is why some of the most established wedding companies decide to hire online marketers to avoid getting involved in too much work.

Sell what you can offer

If you want to make money as a wedding planner, then take a few seconds and learn for the experts with constant workflow. With nothing to offer, it is impossible to make money as a wedding planner. This is the main reason why many wedding planners are keen about expertise before they can continue to contract. As for a wedding planner, there is only one way to get verified and approved as an expert, and that is by completing a course on wedding planning. Several institutions can offer these course, but the best option so far is taking them online. There are numerous online courses for wedding planning from a well-recognized institution. However, you will want to be careful because some of these online courses are not recognized in all countries. Wedding planning is more of a practical profession, and taking theory courses alone will not cut it for you.

That means, to add on the skills that you have learned online, you need to have an experience in a real situation. Getting a job in a wedding planning company is one way to do this. Also, you can opt to attend weddings to find any detail that you can use to make your marriage better. As a newbie, you need to understand your position in the market. That is because you cannot expect to get a high-end client if you don’t have any high-end wedding held under your belt.

How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner

Prepare the right documents

Any business that wants to operate comfortably must have the right kind of business documents. Additionally, legal documentations also play a significant role in getting you more clients. One of the most important documents that you must have is a wedding business plan. As a visionary and a newbie in this industry, it is vital to ensure that you safeguard your initial idea. Using a business plan, you should be able to clearly outline what you need to achieve with your company and how you want to do it. Because the wedding business consists of many activities that you can find yourself branching from your original idea to own a planning company.

Clearing with the authorities is also another issue that requires much attention, especially if you are keen on how to make money as a wedding planner. Wedding planners need to operate legally and pay taxes. What matters the most for people who want to wed is that they are working with a professional. Therefore, as a wedding planner, the professional aspect of your wedding business should be bright. Getting legal licensing comes in handy in case a problem arises, and the customers have a serious complaint about how you carried out your work. If they report you to the authorities and it happens that you are not allowed to practice. You can be in a lot of trouble. Note that any kind of disagreement is possible, and the safest corner for your wedding business is adherence to the law.

Gather as many testimonials

It is easier for someone to choose a wedding planner after knowing their capabilities. That is why, if you visit the websites and social media pages of some wedding planners, you will realize that they have a collection of testimonials and reviews. Know that when looking for someone to plan their wedding, people like proof that they can use to gauge your capability. During their search, they are keen to see what your previous clients say about your services. It is therefore crucial for a new wedding planner to impress their first clients or else a bad reputation on their first job can make it harder to acquire new clients.


If you want to start a wedding company and you don’t know where to begin, then you already have the right idea of how to begin. Additionally, keep in mind that to sustain your company, be persistent because it is the only way that even your audience will recognize your agility. You should also not forget that you are about to meet a lot of competition; hence you should be psychologically prepared.

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