How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner

How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner and Tips for Attracting More Business

Many people are passionate about becoming wedding planners only to give up on failing to find out how to make money as a wedding planner. Anyone can be selected to plan a wedding if it is something small and private. Such marriage doesn’t require so many skills, but adequate research is vital. The only problem is; you don’t expect to be paid much for that matter. However, if you need to make profits from planning weddings, you need to be strategic with your approach. Keep in mind that you’ll be venturing in one of the most lucrative businesses known today. As a newbie, this is how you can attract money to your wedding company;

·        Create a business plan

You will need to come up with a compelling business plan that clearly outlines your future goals and how you expect to meet them. This way, you will have something tangible to represent the future of your company, and it will increase your focus. Also, a business plan can be able to woo investors into your business. As a beginner, one of the most significant challenges usually is getting enough funds to implement the ideas you have fully. Investors, on the other hand, are continuously looking for opportunities that promise good profits in the future. The only way that they can be confident of their investment is if you present them with a business plan that is well outlined.

Another benefit of having a business plan is that it will help you to avoid wasting funds. Note that for your wedding business to prosper, you need to be careful with ho you invest. The typical mistake that you can ever do is spend money on an item without correctly deciding if it is what you require. Your business plan will also remind you of the culture of your company which makes it different than others. It is, therefore, safe to say that when it comes to making money as a wedding planner, the answer lies beyond offering services.

·        Ensure that you have the right skills

You can never decide one day and decide that you want to plan a wedding ceremony. You must initially have the passion because, without interest, wedding planning is not a profession that you can easily consider. When there is interest, you will want to push yourself so that you become a professional. The best way to start is by getting something to prove that you have received training. Several institutions offer event planning as a course, and wedding planning falls under the category. Alternatively, you can decide to go for an online wedding planning training course. These are becoming popular today, and the best part is that they are tailored to suit people with no background in wedding planning. That means, even if you are considering to be a part-time wedding planner, you can earn valid certification online. That can help you begin to pursue your dream profession.

·        Get legal approval

To be safe, many people looking for wedding planners are interested to know if a planner is known as a professional. That’s why the first task that you will need to do is get legal approval or license to operate. The cost of getting a business permit these days is favorable, and you can even apply for one online. Other than softening the hearts of your clients, being legally approved to practice will prevent you from getting into trouble with the authorities, especially if a complaint is made. While venturing in this profession, you should be prepared for all kinds of results because you can never be sure that all your weddings will turn out excellent. Since you also want to know how to make money as a wedding planner, you should be ready to settle your taxes as well.

·        Do proper marketing

The only way that clients will even find out about your wedding company is if you reach out to them first. Luckily enough, the best place to market your wedding services is online. That means you need to focus more on your digital marketing strategies. Research has it that the majority of people who seek wedding services begin their search online. Usually, they target local services around them because they understand the cost that comes with hiring a wedding planner from far away. To make it easy for nearby customers to find you, you have to engage in proper search engine optimization. This is a marketing strategy whereby your web content is optimized to increase chances of it appearing on search engine results when a relevant search is done.

Search engine optimization is a process that takes time to bear results, but once it is well set, the benefits are endless. Other than SEO, don’t forget to use different marketing techniques like social media and email marketing. Combining these techniques will put you at a better position to even compete with more established wedding companies. As part of your online campaign, be sure to curate your captions as well. That is because search engine optimization does not only focus on websites abut social media pages as well.

Build a good team

Any wedding planning companies require an extra hand and head at times. That is because the amount of work can be overwhelming for one person to handle. Remember that because you are now managing a functioning company, there is no excuse for disappointment or else you will be termed as incompetent. When choosing people to work with, ensure that they have other personal skills that can be useful to your company. As a beginner, you can start by requesting friends or family member for help. They should have specific traits you need to help you handle projects and don’t forget to motivate them with some little pay.

How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner


Making money as a wedding planner is all about organizing your plans and executing them carefully. It can wait a variable amount of time before a wedding company can start generating serious revenue. It all depends on how well you present your business out there. You should also take a keen interest in learning about some of the most established wedding companies and what makes them uphold such a high reputation. This can be inspirational and can help you structure a better future for your company and increase the number of customers streaming in.

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