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In a time when a wedding planner needs a prominent online presence to get more business, search engine optimization becomes vital. Anyone looking for a wedding planner in his or her region is most likely to begin their search online, correctly using search engines. This made every wedding planner get into SEO fast, and the results are, every wedding planner is doing it now. This makes it hard for SEO to work for new websites because web crawlers are more interested in the volume of relevant content concerning the search term. There are however some wedding planners who are new to this industry and are doing remarkably well with their search engine optimization, and this is why;

They started by capturing the local market

There is no way any business can prosper in a particular region without first serving the local market. It is therefore crucial for a wedding company to first focus their search engine optimization goals towards reaching the local clients. Also, know that people who want to wed will first look for a local wedding planner because they also don’t want to reduce cost. As for your local reach with SEO, keywords need to be combined with the name of the state or city that you are located. Right now, for example, if you type ‘wedding planner in New York,’ you will be overwhelmed with the endless pages of results containing both companies and professionals. By declaring your local market, you will make it easier for your clients. They will not have to get in touch while you are thousands of miles away.

The best part about local wedding business SEO is, it is easier to implement; in fact, you can do it without any help as long as you can write excellent contents. If you foresee your wedding company breaking borders and offering services in other states in the future, the way you develop your content should be critical. Note that some of the articles that you will use on your site will never be brought down. These should add up to a good volume of relevant contents for web crawlers to identify.

Excellent keyword research and use

Because search engine optimization is all about capturing what the client is typing in the search engine, keyword research becomes a vital factor to consider. Proper keyword research will go a long way to ensure that you always come up in search results. To know which kinds of keywords to use, try putting yourself in the clients’ shoes and start thinking about all the possible search terms that they can use. Additionally, there are various keyword research tools that you can go for, and the good thing is, these tools provide more data about these keywords. You will know which ones are the most used and even new ones if there are any.

When it comes to using the keywords, many wedding planner websites have been shut down indefinitely because of a breach of conduct. Typically, there are three main types of SEO, white hat, grey hat, and black hat. As the names suggest, white hat SEO is the right option for you if you want to protect your company website. That is because it entails only the legal way of optimizing your site contents. Black hat SEO for wedding planners has been successful for some people, but the truth is, it is a daring move. What happens in black hat SEO is that web content is stuffed with keywords even if the rest of the write-ups don’t make sense. The fact that the rest of the content doesn’t make sense is the main reason why your site can end up being shut down. Also, stuffing your website with keywords is prohibited since there are clear rules for practicing the right SEO.

As for grey hat SEO, you will be combining both white hat and black hat. All the same, it has worked for some wedding companies, but still, it poses a threat to the existence of your company. Note that as long as black hat SEO is associated with your business website, it is just a matter of time before the crawlers identify it.

Optimized social media posts

We all know that social media platforms are the most crowded, receiving millions of users’ every day. This fact has sent all wedding planners to marketing through these platforms. Although there are chances of your clients finding you through your social media adverts and posts, a better opportunity still lies in the search engine. This means you always need to ensure that any of the content that you are posting on any platform online, including social media, need to be optimized. In the past, web crawlers only focused on web content for ranking until it was discovered that some of the search results are from social media platforms. Optimizing your social media post should be easy more so after you have found the kind of keywords that you are going to use.

On writing your captions, it is also recommended that you find the trending hashtags in your current industry. These come in handy more so if you want more reach and not only an impressive ranking.

SEO for Wedding Planners


There are so many wedding SEO companies that you can contract to help you with your wedding company. However, you may want to consider factors such as cost and ROI. You should also know that it is not safe to use just any SEO service provider because some are not good at what they do. Others may be working with your competitors, and this is the kind of situation that you don’t want to put your company. That is since the SEO Company is most likely to use the same tactics for marketing both your company and the competitor. This brings down your option to one solution n, which is hiring an in house SEO expert. Depending on your budget, you will always find something to work with or better yet, you can outsource for a freelance wedding SEO writer.

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